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Ahoy,me hearties! I'm Cap'n Xenon, the head of this spaceship. I live far away from the Earth, about 1 light year - equal to 9500,000,000,000 kilometers. Aye,I know it sound ridiculuos!Outer space is full of fascinating and mysterious things that are still not found yet b'cause the Universe keep expanding and it may be has no END...What ye expect ye'll found in outer space? Planet looks like yer Earth or the existing of the ET? I already found The ET creature whether its real or it's just my dream,I don't know.Now, are ye ready for the journey to the outerspace? If yes, make sure yer oxygen tank is still full!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Extinct Animals

Friendly greetings, dearest friends...
After I went to the Jurassic Era about 203-135 million years ago using my time traveler machine,
I went to some place to see the animals that already extinct and no more exist in 2011...
Sometimes, I'm thinking why all these happened?

Without wasting any time...
I present you these information...

This weird animal as ZEUGLADON (Yoked Tooth) also known as BASILOSAURUS. These animals known as 'The King Of The Reptiles' but it's a mammals. Basilosaurus are carnivore- of course, they were! Just look at it's teeth! It has been extinct about 37 million years.

Whoohoo!! This in my favorite animal. Looks like a tiger but with those sharp and long fangs, this animal called SABER TOOTH TIGER. Saber tooth tiger lived in Europe and North America. These carnivore were fast runner ever! Actually, these animals were not came from tiger family. It was a genus of prehistoric cat known as SMILODON. Those fangs were almost 1 foot long!

Looks like this animal mixed with zebra and horse genetics. This is QUAGGA or it's scientific name is EQUUS BURCHELLI QUAGGA was a subspecies of plain zebra and extinct in the late of 1800s.

 PHORORHACOS (rag thief) is a carnivore that lived in South America. Looks like mythological creature of Greek but this animal  was real. Don't underestimated this animal because it was 8 feet tall and can caught and eat you in the blink of the eyes.

This cute looks like elephant is MASTODON. Mastodon lived during ICE AGE. It has three layer of fur that keep it warm. Mastodon is a herbivore animal.

This is also my favorite animal too- IRISH ELK( Megaloceros Giganteus) also called IRISH DEER. It is one of the largest deer that was exist. Look at that big and beuatiful antlers, I love it.

So, that's it.
May this new post give you some new information~
 By your leave,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dinosours! Rawr! Rawr!

Friendly greetings, hearties...
Finally, I'm back after took the exam at the UNIVERSE HIGH SCHOOL OF YOUNG SPACESHIP CAPTAIN (U.H.S.O.Y.S.C) for 3 weeks.
Maybe you never heard of it, there, we have to conduct experiments to investigate the reaction of chemical substances ~
We also have to take Additional Mathematics papers (not fun thing to do)
The most exciting exam was how to defense yourself from the villains- the only time that I can use my SUPER WEAPON!

After I finished my exam, I went to the JURASSIC ERA about 203-135 million years ago using my time traveler.
Here, what I've got~

  1. This is SUPERSAURUS. It's estimated that 80 feet tall and 130 feet long. Don't worry, this dinosaur only eat plants.

  1. STEGOSAURUS ( steg-o-saur-us) means ' roof lizard ' or ' plated lizard. It also eat plants such as horsetail, bushy conifers... It is 8-9 meters long and 3100 kilograms

  1. SEGISAURUS (seh-gi-sour-us)  means ' Tsegi canyon lizard '. It's about 3 feet long and 15 pounds. And yeah, this type of dinosaur eat meats.

  1. MEGALOSAURUS means 'great lizard'. It's carnivore. It's estimated 30 feet long, 10 feet tall and 1 ton. Those sharp teeth and claw make it became a great predator!

  1. Giraffatitan means 'giant giraffe'.Same as giraffe, it's also eat plants. It's estimated 80 feet long and 30 tons.

  1. DIPLODOCUS means 'double beamed'. This dinosaur is herbivore. Diplodocus has a long neck and tail, 27 meters long, 8 meters long neck, 14 meters long tail, but it has small head, less than 2 feet long. it's the longest land dinosaur.

  1. ALLOSAURUS means 'different lizard'. it's such a large carnivore with 38 feet long and 16.5 feet tall. It weight is 1400kg.

Let's imagine what will happen if all dinosours still exist in 2011 and in the future.. Wohooo!! It's such a worst nightmare ever!

So,that's it.
By your leave.
See ya,