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Ahoy,me hearties! I'm Cap'n Xenon, the head of this spaceship. I live far away from the Earth, about 1 light year - equal to 9500,000,000,000 kilometers. Aye,I know it sound ridiculuos!Outer space is full of fascinating and mysterious things that are still not found yet b'cause the Universe keep expanding and it may be has no END...What ye expect ye'll found in outer space? Planet looks like yer Earth or the existing of the ET? I already found The ET creature whether its real or it's just my dream,I don't know.Now, are ye ready for the journey to the outerspace? If yes, make sure yer oxygen tank is still full!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

National Museum

With lot of LOVE greetings,dearest friends....

How your school holiday??
Lot of fun??
I hope your holiday will full of fun..

Yesterday(28/12/2010),I went to the International Museum..

These museum have 4 main gallery..
Gallery A: artifacts
Gallery B: the historical existance
Gallery C: arrival of Portuguese, Dutch and Japan
Gallery D: show us the pursue of struggle before

Don't worry about the fees entrance.It's just RM2 and you can enter the museum before 6 pm.

Dearest friends...

Here,I share with you the pictures of artifacts and the things inside the International Museum..
Just for you..
See ya..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

National Museum by Captain Pieka

  • Spirit of Tiger In Chains

  • Model of Flor De La Mar

  • The replica of table that use during the declaration of independence

  • Model of Lancang Kuning

  • Baju zirah Bugis(Baju Berantai)

  • The Home Guard's clothes

  • The old bicycle

  • Look likes Sir Henry Gurney's (British High Commissioner in Malaya)uniform,isn it???

  • The first passengers trains in Malacca

MAKARA is the symbolic from two animals(elephant and fish) that represent certain elements. The elephant represents the powerful on land and the fish represents the powerful in water. That means the MAKARA is represent the powerful on land and powerful in water. Long time ago,MAKARA was placed located at the entrance of the building such as a candi.this MAKARA was found at Kampung Sungai Emas, Kuala Muda(Kedah)-(7th century A.D)

  • Communist Malaya's clothes(the back one ya!!haha)

  • My lil Bro and Me!!

Sultan Melaka,representative from Arab and his assistant were have talks at Seri Halls(Balairung Seri)...At the background,there were 4 men that wore black clothes,they are the four speakers(pembesar berempat)

  • The door and wall of The Palace of Setul.This door is more than 120 years.

  • Stone Age

  • Lenca

  • Credential Box(Kotak watikah)

  • Sundang

  • Bunga Emas

  • Meriam Lela

  • Hang Tuah,hero of Malacca

  • Ibnu Sarban's stone(Batu Ibnu Sarban-Replika)

  • Ship that used during melaka sultanate period..

  • The puzzle(I took 1 minute and 54 seconds to finish it)


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday!

Ho...ho...ho..Merry Christmas...

Friendly greetings, dearest friends...

How are you??I'm sorry because I'm not update my blog for weeks...Actually,I'm kinda busy preparing for school next year.

Me,Captain Pieka proudly wish you Merry Xmas for those who celebrate it all around the world.
I hope you'll have the best Xmas ever!!!Ho..Ho..Ho..Merry Christmas!!!

And for those who not celebrate it,HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!

*Get ready for our next destination!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Leonardo da Vinci

"The first object of the painter is to make a flat plane appear as a body in relief and projecting from the plane"-Leonardo da Vinci

Friendly greetings,dearest friends...
How are you today?I hope you have a fantastic day.
Today we are going to travel in Leonardo da Vinci's era using my super time machine!Only my time machine can do that...(~,~)

Who like Leonardo da Vinci?Raise your hands up!What??No..no..no..not Leonardo Dicaprio!haha..I'm talking about Leonardo da Vinci the architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist,
cartographer,botanist and writer.Fuhh!!!He is a great man,isn't?

Leonarda da Vinci or Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was born in April 15,1452 and died in 1519.He was died in the ages of 67 years old..
Dearest friends,did you know what is his name means?
Leonardo da Vinci means 'Leonardo from the town of Vinci'
Leonardo also quirky enough to write in his notebook entries mirror(backward) script, a trick which kept many of his observation from being widely known until decades after his death...It's so MYSTERIUS!!!
Now,let me show you some of his painting:

Portrait of Ginerva de' Benci

Portrait of Mona Lisa
Portrait of Lady with an Ermaine

AWESOME,isn't ?I wish I can paint like that and become an AWESOME person!!!
I have to stop now...
Till then,
With lot of LOVE..
See ya!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My First Award

Welcome...Welcome to my spaceship...
Friendly greetings , dearest friendly...
Having fun for your holiday??I hope you have great holiday ever in your life.
I would like to say thank you to Haanym.For the first time in my life I got award..And once again,thank you very much to Haanym..I,Captain Pieka really like it.


And for those who have being tagged in this award,please answer these questions...Come on...just 3 questions!

As a return,I must answer these 3 questions...

-Siapa superhero yang paling anda minat dan yang paling SUPERB lah?
Answer: Harry Potter(He's AWESOME!!!)

-Kalau anda ada POWER,nak POWER apa?
Answer:Have POWER to read other people MINDS and ability to fly(I believe I can Fly)...haha..

-Tag to 3 super readers yang anda rasa memang damn SUPER.
-Afiqah Johari-http://chocolate-lavo.blogspot.com/
-Kak Eiyra-http://roxybelleiyramethyst.blogspot.com/

Thursday, December 9, 2010


*Get ready!!!Wear your spacesuit (Done!!!)..Check your oxygen tank (Done!!!)... Good! In 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1...and...
Here we go...

Friendly greetings , dearest friends...
It's such a tiring journey,isn't it?With these special spacesuits and my spaceship...We can land on this TITAN...So,let's we explore it...
Before that,what you imagine when you heard the name of Titan?If me,I imagine a huge guy with his big muscles and mean face!That's scary...Okay...Let's not waste our time...
Did you see that planet?I hope you can see it..That is Saturn...Did you know,Titan is one of the Saturn's moons...Titan is Saturn's largest moon and the second biggest in the solar system and only slightly smaller than Jupiter's moon,Ganymede.
This Titan orbits Saturn once every 15 days and 22 hours...
Before we land on Titan,you can see a thick layer of gases around it...That thick gases that you see is it atmosphere..Yeah!!!Titan has it's own atmosphere.It's atmosphere help Titan to protect it from the difficult condition...
Dearest friends,Titan's surface temperature is so low about 94K(-179 Celsius)...In that temperature the atmosphere is nearly free of water! The gravity of Titan is so low..That means,we can fly with the help of flapping wings attached to our arms through the atmosphere...AWESOME!!!
This is the last fact about Titan that I want to share with you...Titan was discovered on 25 March 1665 by Dutch astronomer,Christiaan Huygens...

So that's it!!!
We'll continue our AWESOME journey later...
Till right then,dearest friend...
See ya!!!

(Land on Titan with spaceship and wearing the special spacesuit is just an imagination)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

KL Bird Park@Lake Garden(Malaysia)-Pictures By Captain Pieka

Friendly greetings , dearest friends...
Like I told you yesterday...
Here the pictures that I want to share with you...
Just for you...

These pictures captured by ME/Norshafika Shahira(Captain Pieka)

I hope you will like these pictures...(~,~)

For those who are interested and wanted to visit this KL Bird Park, that place is situated at Jalan Cenderawasih,Taman Perdana,Kuala Lumpur...It's open from 9.00 a.m till 6.00 p.m
RM20 for adult and Rm10 for children per entry...
I know it's sound expensive but it's worth it,dearest friends...This is the best place for those who love peace..and NO SMELLY SMELL..just fresh air for breathe...For all photographer out there around the world, there are lot of best scenes to captured...
So,that's it...
Till then,see ya!!!