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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

National Museum by Captain Pieka

  • Spirit of Tiger In Chains

  • Model of Flor De La Mar

  • The replica of table that use during the declaration of independence

  • Model of Lancang Kuning

  • Baju zirah Bugis(Baju Berantai)

  • The Home Guard's clothes

  • The old bicycle

  • Look likes Sir Henry Gurney's (British High Commissioner in Malaya)uniform,isn it???

  • The first passengers trains in Malacca

MAKARA is the symbolic from two animals(elephant and fish) that represent certain elements. The elephant represents the powerful on land and the fish represents the powerful in water. That means the MAKARA is represent the powerful on land and powerful in water. Long time ago,MAKARA was placed located at the entrance of the building such as a candi.this MAKARA was found at Kampung Sungai Emas, Kuala Muda(Kedah)-(7th century A.D)

  • Communist Malaya's clothes(the back one ya!!haha)

  • My lil Bro and Me!!

Sultan Melaka,representative from Arab and his assistant were have talks at Seri Halls(Balairung Seri)...At the background,there were 4 men that wore black clothes,they are the four speakers(pembesar berempat)

  • The door and wall of The Palace of Setul.This door is more than 120 years.

  • Stone Age

  • Lenca

  • Credential Box(Kotak watikah)

  • Sundang

  • Bunga Emas

  • Meriam Lela

  • Hang Tuah,hero of Malacca

  • Ibnu Sarban's stone(Batu Ibnu Sarban-Replika)

  • Ship that used during melaka sultanate period..

  • The puzzle(I took 1 minute and 54 seconds to finish it)


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