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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Coolest Chess Sets

Friendly greetings,dearest friends... How are you doing??
It's such a long time I didn't post anything on my blog and go travelling with you guys...
Actually,my spaceship was broken during the adventure far far away from the Earth...But it's okay now..My assistants and I already repaired it.
So,here we go!!!
No journey to the outer space for today but I would like to share with you about the chess sets.I mean the coolest chess sets ever!!!
Let's start it,sweethearts!!!

Wizards Chess Set(Harry Potter)

Medieval Chess Set

Armageddon Chess Set

Lord of The Ring Chess Set

Pirates Of The Caribbean Chess Set

Roman Chess Set

Ancient Egypt Chess Set

Alien Chess Set

Celtic Dragon And Wizard Chess Set

Ancient Version Of Chess Set(Satranj)

Star Wars Chess Set

Lord Linley Chess Set

Charles Hollander Gold & Diamond Chess Set

Charles Hollander Collection Chess Set

3D Chess Set

Amorphous Organic Chess Set

The Royal Diamond Chess Set

It's totally AWESOME ,isn't it?
Which one is your choice?
I love all of the chess sets but it's difficult to buy as it's really expensive and limited edition...
I have to stop now,guys...
Going to eat laksa..he~~
Till right then,we'll meet again...

Captain Pieka wish you...Happy Chinese New Year!!!


  1. hehe..tau tak pe..walaupon tak teror sangat main chess..terase nak beli satu chess set yang awesome..

  2. I own the 9th from above and it is beautifull