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Ahoy,me hearties! I'm Cap'n Xenon, the head of this spaceship. I live far away from the Earth, about 1 light year - equal to 9500,000,000,000 kilometers. Aye,I know it sound ridiculuos!Outer space is full of fascinating and mysterious things that are still not found yet b'cause the Universe keep expanding and it may be has no END...What ye expect ye'll found in outer space? Planet looks like yer Earth or the existing of the ET? I already found The ET creature whether its real or it's just my dream,I don't know.Now, are ye ready for the journey to the outerspace? If yes, make sure yer oxygen tank is still full!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let's Take A Deep Breath

Greetings dearest friends~
I'm rarely post on my blog lately.
Yes,I'm kinda busy.
And sometimes I need to take a mood before I post something.

In this world, we as a human can't avoid from problems...
No matter what kind of problem it is...
But, the most important thing is we must be strong to face it..
Be brave!
Be strong!
If you don't want to lose in your life!
Because live in this world it's just like a battle to stay alive...
And I know you are strong enough to face it!

Let's take a deep breath,
Clear your mind from all the world matter for a seconds..
Here, I share with you...
the picture of the beautiful nature~

That's it~
Will posting soon..

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