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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Views Of Langkawi

Assalamualaikum and greetings to fellow friends
Last week, my family, niece and I went to Pulau Langkawi
This is my first time I went there
after I spent my 16 years on spaceship at outerspace...
It's such a great place to go - lot of beautiful places, lot of chocolates!

Without wasting any time...
Here, the pictures that I took~
Hope you'll like it :)

We went there by a ferry
It took almost 2 hours to arrive at Langkawi Island
The first thing came in my mind when I was in the ferry is...
Oh, yeah! I'm a pirate- such a great pirate! Hohoho~
*smiling like a maniac-alone
I know, it's too much imagination

Those black spot are just  'something' on the ferry's window
I love that water thing
Full of art~

The girl in the white shirt is my niece

Oriental Village far away from the city.

This is Geopark Hotel situated in the Oriental Village which was the place that we stayed for 4 days.
At night, the orchestra music will be played
If you know what I mean...-monkeys, birds, elephants and yeah...
tigers sing along

One for you and the other one is for me~
Our ( my niece and I ) supper
Poor us~

Nescafe for two.
Wanna join me, honey?

LIMA di Langkawi was so cool . 
Just look at the picture.
It fly very fast through the blue sky.

Pantai Cenang

Dawn at Dataran Helang

There are lot of pictures that I took but it takes time for me to upload here.
I think that's enough

Before I end this post, 
There is a quest for ya
Guess what is it?

Hasta luego, hearties~

With love,


  1. erk... what's that? don't have a clue what it is. by the way, what's the rate for geopark hotel? have been there a couple of times but always staying at bayview hotel in kuah.

  2. hahaha..that's secret~ my nephew thought it's UFO..hahah...I'm not sure about the rate for geopark hotel because my dad's friend manage it for us.It's pretty comfortable place to stay.Oh ya!My mom said it's RM 200 for 1 day if you stay in the suite room but I'm not sure how much to pay for standard room~

  3. Best pg langkawi kan! last yr I went to Lkg. very nice