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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Story Is Just Begun

       I still can remember the worst nightmare that I ever had. Actually, I'm not sure weather it was just a nightmare or it was really happened to me.  About a couple of months ago, that night, the whether was really bad. It was raining heavily and storms kept struck every 5 minutes. I was alone at home. My parents were went back to their village and will be back after one week later, but I took a decision to stay at home because next Wednesday I had examination. "Maybe I can do some revision before the examination...," that was what I thought but the decision to stay alone at home was not a good idea at all because this was where the story begun...

       "Baam!" The lightning struck again and scared out of me. During the lightning striking, I saw movement outside the window suddenly stopped and stared directly at me. I saw those eyes winked at me. I'm wondered who was that or should I say, what was that creature? "Kreekkk..." I turned my head quickly to find out what made that creepy sound and I saw a small fluffy black creature stared at me..It was just my cat-Kiddo.

   "Stop doing that, Kiddo. You scared me!"

When I turned my head again to look at the window, the mystery human formed creature was gone. I don't want to mess my mind, thought about ghosts or aliens and all I can said to myself was, "That was just my neighbor. That was just my neighbor."

      That was not my first experience saw that mystery human formed creature. I can feel that somebody or something keeps watching me wherever I go. Once, I told my parents about it, but they laughed and said it was my imagination." It's not a joke, mom...dad..Did you want aliens kidnap me?"


     "Better I sleep now." From the corner of my eyes, I saw the same creature sat at the sofa. I took a quick glance by turned my head, but there was nobody there. "Probably, mom and dad are right. It is just my imagination." I ran quickly to the upstairs that leads to my bedroom. I locked the door, locked all the windows and I laid on my bed, tried to sleep with Kiddo in my arms. Slowly,  I felt asleep...

       "Knock...knock...knock..." I rubbed my eyes and looked at my digital clock. It showed 12 o'clock at the midnight.  "Who is coming to my house at this time?" I talked to Kiddo. I forgot cat can't talk to human but who's cares. Everybody talk to cats. Kiddo just stared at me. "What's wrong, cat?"

        I walked downstairs to the door. I still can heard the knocking sounds. I walked closely at the door and my hand at the door's knob. Kiddo meowed at me, maybe it want me to ignored the knocking sounds and just go to sleep. It was too late because I ignored my cat.

 "Open the door and let me in, young lady. I'm freezing here."
      My blood ran cold at that moment. I'm so scared. That voice... I've heard it before. I've heard it in my dreams. I reached for my cellphone in my pocket, tried to call my father and mother but there was no signal. The knocking sounds became louder and louder and suddenly stop. All went silent. "What's going on?" I bent my body and took a look under the door. There was no sign of man standing outside because I can't see any shadow.

     "Kreekkk..."I turned my head slowly and I saw a weird man stood not far from me. He grinned at me. That is the most scariest grinning that I have ever saw.

Quickly, I opened the door and ran away to save my own precious life. That man did not chased me. He just walked and kept walked to my direction," You can run but you can't hide, young lady." I covered my ears with my both hands. I hated those sentence- the most popular sentence in almost horror movies.

     Suddenly, I realized that I was at abandoned place. " How did I...Ouchh!" I fell down. I tried to get up but I can't because I broke my left ankle. That weird man kept walked and he was not far from me.

  " I mean no harm to you, young lady."
  "Then, why did you always following me wherever  I go and acts like a creeper?"
  " Just to make sure you're safe..."
  "Safe?I was safe with my family until just now!"

He did not say a word after that. A flashed dancing blue flame came from his hand. I can felt my eyeball almost come out from its sockets. I'm shocked. 

  "I suppose to tell you from the beginning. You're one of us. I'm sure you can do this stuff too..."
  "No, I'm not. I can't do that stuff because I'm just human. A normal human."

As his eyes glowing, I felt dizzy and all went black.." Remember, you're one of us" His last words echoed in my ears.


     "Honey, get up. It's already 8 am. You have tuition class today." I tried to open my eyes as I heard my mother's voice. The sunlight made my eyes hurt just like I did not exposed to the sunlight for long time.

"Mom? Did you and dad will come back next week from the village?"
"What are you talking about, honey. We're just came back from the village last week. I bet you're still   
 dreaming, aren't you?"
"But, mom...I..."

      "A'ah. Don't be late. I already made your breakfast."My mother told me as she left my room. "Yeah, it was just my dream," I whispered to myself and laughing softly.I grabbed my blue towel from the hanger and suddenly remember what the weird man in my dream told me," Remember, you're one of us..."
     I stared at my left and right hand and thought," What if it is true?"All of sudden, I saw a small white flame on the center of my palm and it got bigger and slowly changed to blue flame. Slowly, it disappeared. I startled. Once again, from the corner of my eyes, I saw that strange man. He was smiled at me and disappeared in the blink of the eyes...



  1. hye gorgeous =)

    love ur blog .. cool =) the bckground music, it was LP!! same taste.. haha =p

    btw, is this a real story ??
    "remember u're one of us'' woaaa.. i bet u've got a super power.... hihhi =p

  2. hye~
    hehehe..thanks ya~
    yeah it's real story and i have superpower but nobody know about it..haha
    just kidding.It was an essay for my english class.
    well, i know it's too much imagination..hehehe XD

  3. it is too nice for an essay. you should publish a novel for it. looks cool.

  4. Thanks Aswadz..I've thinking about it too but i'm too busy for now..well, I'm SPM candidate...need to spend lot of time do the revision. Maybe, one day I will write and publish a novel :)