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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mitosis vs Meiosis

I'm back,hearties...
Here, I want to share with you about MITOSIS and MEIOSIS.
Yeah,it's Biology time!
Biology is interesting subject if we really understand what we are going to learn~
Here, I share this video with you,
About MITOSIS and MEIOSIS- of course!
Without waste any time...
Let's watch it...


I can split your cells up (4x)

Take that cell and separate its chromosomes- if
You do this you are starting mitosis
Make sure that cell is eukaryotic
2nd main part of the cell cycle is mitotic

Divide that parent cell into 2 new daughter cells
Each with the same genetic info as the parental
I must stress how this process doesn't occur in germ cells
We dealin with multicellular somatic cells

Mitosis is divided into four main stages
We got pro, meta, ana, and telophases
The processes contain a lot of information
So I got my boy Ebo to break down the equation

Cells are ready during prophase isnt that clear?
The sister chromosomes are held together at the centromere
Metaphase is up next, dont be a hater-
Because the chromosomes line up at the equator
During anaphase the sister chromatids divide
The spindle fibers bring the daughter chromosomes to each side
Telophase is up last but it is not alone
Because each daughter nucleus has the same type of chromosome

Ohh Baby
My cells be stuck together like glue
Mitosis wanna split em into two
My cells be that main spot
Call me Mr. Enzyme
I can split your cells up (repeat 4x)

Meiosis is up next for our general viewing
Still eukaryotic but sex cells are producing
(And we) dealing with two divisions instead of one
Producing 4 haploid cells with a split chromosome

Ok, I get it, 1st division of Meiosis
Spindle fibers appear in prophase yeah you should know this
Than we gotta metaphase showing up a little late
The homologues pairs are held together at the meta plate
On Each side of Anaphase whole chromosomes collect
While In mitosis chromatids bisect
Telophase 1 is the finalé of the first division
Cells take I from each homologous pair after their separation


These two processes are similar and different
Meiosis' first division against mitosis is opposite
But the second division compares pretty dang neatly
To mitosis' 1 and only division completely

I really love it!!!
Hope you enjoy it..
Till then~

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