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Monday, August 1, 2011

Camping Time,Hearties!

Oh, bloggie that full of love~
I'm so sorry for ignoring you~
I'm so busy darling...(sorry..don't vomit out,guys~ehe... )

Greetings human being~
I, sitting at the corner of my bedroom...
under dim light...
trying to type this post just for you guys~

On 22-23 July...
All prefects(Form 1-4)
went to the camping at Kem Nur Sungai Merab,Kajang.
Wait!I mean not all the prefect went to that camping...
There was something that make them can't join the camping...

I know you know that I know what are you thinking right now.
(Just 2 days for the camping...sounds boring..)
Am I right about what are you thinking right now?
Don't lie to me,hearties~

Not so many activities were held at that camping,but...
The most activity that I like is....
Moonwalk activity!!!
Not the moonwalk dance,okay?

That night, about 11 o'clock...
We started our journey to the forest..
All of us queued in one line,
Hold the other hands,
Climb the hill(* Trust me..My heart just going to burst that night)
But, the journey is just begun...

We have to walk, climb and do some spiderman's action in the forest..
Don't ask me why.
The space for us to walk in that forest is so steep and narrow.
What's inside my mind that night, 'I don't want to die...I don't want to die'

I still remember, I hold Form 1 prefect's hand(sorry..I don't recognize her. It's too dark,no source of light at all. Just from the torchlight, doesn't helping at all!)
and Ain also known as Misz Oh Yeah's hand so tightly..
I still remember when Ain hold my hand , I always keep saying,
' Do hold my hand tightly,Ain! Be careful! There is a big tree! A small tree! Watch your steps! A big stone on the ground! Cover your head! Sliding! Cover your face!Bug on my face!'

I know it's sound annoying..hahaha..
that night,
it doesn't sound annoying at all...
Those were the famous sentence among us...
Keep telling our friend, there is something dangerous waiting for us~

Some of us got injured.
But, we all still enjoy the night...

Now, I realized...
How important to cooperate with each other,
How important to be alert,
How important to help people in trouble without just thinking about our self

I realize,
How strong we are to face the trouble...

These are the picture that I took~


                        FIGHTING! FIGHTING! FIGHTING!


  1. hoho. t'engat kem kepimpinan pengawas mase mr right kat sekolah dulu. hee

    btw, adik minat astronomi ye? nanti masuk la USM ye sebab USM antara uni yang sangat aktif dengan aktiviti astronomi. banyak buat event. setiap malam jumaat ade stargazing. teropong the outerspace(:
    mr right ahli astronomi USM jugak tapi ta dapat nak aktif sangat sebab bz dengan projek laen. insyaAllah next sem kerr.. heh

  2. kenangan mese kem lah yang susah dilupekan..ehe..
    USM ade aktiviti astronomi..whoa!!
    best tu~

  3. kalau nak masuk usm, tade dari dip tau.
    so, adek kena amik matriks or stpm takpon dip tapi dip lambat sikit laa.. hee(:

  4. btw, kalo sudi, maila join contest mr right yep><

  5. matriks wajib masuk ehe~
    mengenai contest mr right tu..