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Ahoy,me hearties! I'm Cap'n Xenon, the head of this spaceship. I live far away from the Earth, about 1 light year - equal to 9500,000,000,000 kilometers. Aye,I know it sound ridiculuos!Outer space is full of fascinating and mysterious things that are still not found yet b'cause the Universe keep expanding and it may be has no END...What ye expect ye'll found in outer space? Planet looks like yer Earth or the existing of the ET? I already found The ET creature whether its real or it's just my dream,I don't know.Now, are ye ready for the journey to the outerspace? If yes, make sure yer oxygen tank is still full!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Mom!!!There is a MONSTER in the sky!!It's gonna to eat ME!!!

Friendly greetings,dearest friends..

Kid, it's just an AURORA not a MONSTER...
It's has been a long time for me not typing here..3 or 4 day,I think..haha..I know it's just 3 or for days but for me it's such a long time.

Some of you have see it,right?I mean the AURORA...Honestly,I have never seen it..

Right now...Right here...I want to share with you about aurora.As you know,aurora is a natural light display in the sky.Aurora happens when the collision of charged particles occur directed by magnetic field.

I know maybe some of you find it's creepy to see a green,red light in the sky at the night.It's scares me too, dearest friends.But trust me,it's such a beautiful phenomenon to see.For those who wants to see it , make sure you've been in between 65 and 72 degree north and south latitudes..It's commonly happens in that degrees.
So,that's it guys...a few facts of aurora...just for you,dearest friends!Hope you like it!
Will typing then.See ya!

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